Bennu Parts & Service featured in 2017 Pro Masonry Guide Magazine

Shown is the Bennu Series 3 Mast Climber Scaffolding Platform.

Shown is the Bennu Series 3 Mast Climber Scaffolding Platform.

2017 Pro Masonry Magazine cover page December 2017 - January 20184 Things to Consider for Continuous Climbers
By Jennifer Morrell — Executive Editor, Pro Masonry Guide.

2017 Pro Masonry Magazine article photograph Jerry CastleWhether you are using a mast climber, continuous climber or telehandler, you should be aware of safety aspects that come along with the job.  To learn more about the correct usage and safety considerations of continuous climbers, Pro Masonry Guide sat down with Jerry Castle, president and owner of Elk Grove Village, Illinois-based Bennu Parts and Service.  Following is what he had to say.

PMG: How do you approach training with your customers?

Jerry Castle and Son Hi-Lift - Bennu Scaffolding Platform Training

Bennu Scaffolding Platform Training

Castle: We provide a PowerPoint visual presentation along with a reference manual for the customer to follow along. We also have equipment on site for a hands-on demonstration. With a power unit on site, we can identify the points we are making in real time. We send a qualified trainer out to the client’s place of business to show them how to set up our equipment and to go over all of the details of what they’ve bought. If a person hasn’t had Bennu scaffolding training, we provide it, including the proper use of smart bars and wall ties hooked up to the tower to show where and how they function.

PMG: The Hispanic community is a significant part of the masonry labor force. How do you handle communication and/or the language barrier?

Castle: We ensure that we provide bilingual speakers and allow for translation when needed. Even if it makes the session go longer, we allow more time to accommodate our Spanish-speaking customers who do not speak English fluently.

PMG: Where do you see weaknesses regarding continuous climber safety and regulations?

Castle: During our training, we encourage a commitment of ongoing safety and training. Some people who have entered the workforce more recently may not be trained for the jobsite, so we do our part to emphasize to the owner the safe use of equipment and accessories. Safety first, the owner and workers must be reminded of it. The accessories we provide for scaffolding are developed to allow a safer approach.

PMG: What makes your continuous climber product different?

Bennu Hydraulic Scaffolding Platform Series 3 Automated Power Unit (APU)

Bennu Hydraulic Scaffolding Platform Series 3 Automated Power Unit (APU)

Castle: We have three important safety features in our scaffolding drive system. Our advanced design features a planetary gear box with a hydraulic disc brake and motor with a climbing wheel which rolls smoothly up the mast and onto each step. In between those we have a spring-loaded safety locking system (“Safety Dog”) that is always in operation and a counterbalance valve that will lock the hydraulics and prevent any movement, if a hose were to break. The scaffolding platform is self-leveling and ascends level at full climbing speed with synchronization during the elevation, a unique feature that took many years to develop and several engineers to perfect the design.